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How to Remove +91 in excel sheet

April 9, 2019 | Excel | No Comments

How to Remove +91 in excel sheet is a very common question for everyone. There are several ways in which excel can remove +91 India country code.
First of all, you need to add +91 mobile number to excel in cell A after that paste a command of excel into an adjacent column
After paste you select the command of that excel and scroll down your career as soon as you scroll down, you will see that +91 getting removable in the adjacent column and your mobile number will be removed.
In this column, the number of +91 out has been removed, select the cell number to remove +91 once you have selected, copy it, after copying, click on the right click right-click after clicking on the number three option special paste after the click special paste, you will open a pop on it by clicking on the value and pressing the OK button you can use Ctrl+N to add new page then Ctrl+V with help of a new page you will be able to see that your +91 number has been removed and the 10digit mobile is visible to you.

= RIGHT(A1,10)
This command can be used only for India’s number want to remove code for that country for the country’s code mobile number. Let me give you an example through how to use this command to remove the second country code.
Take for example
The mobile number in US country is in 9 digits and country code is +1
Believe that it is a US number +1 999999999. This command will be used to remove the excel =RIGHT(A1,9)
a command is displayed like this
= (its means equal)
RIGHT (its means directly by hand)
A1 (its means cell A column 1)
9 (it means the number in the mobile number)
in the example, you can understand
If you want to remove the country code form any excel sheet, you can remove the country code using the command. If you want to remove +91 number form India, then you have understood how to remove +91 and how t use the code different countries

What is Whois Database

April 8, 2019 | DRD | No Comments

WHOIS is an internet website it’s used to get information about domain name it is to register the information and data of owners of the new domain registered through a company called registration called in a different domain. WHOIS data is a public platform where personal information of the owner of the domain is kept. This is one-way public data; any person can get information about the domain owner.

WHOIS data is shared by the general public information about the owner of the domain can be obtained such as Domain Owner Name, Mobile Number, Email id, City, State, Country, Domain Registration Data, Domain Expiry Date. WHOIS data is also known as WHOIS lookup.WHOIS is a lookup service published by the domain name registry that provides access to information for free viewing by the domain name.

What is whois database

How to Get Domain Owners Information

To know the information about the domain owner first, follow this step.

  1. First, you go to the Domain Registration Database Website.
  2. First, you click on the menu’s last icon search icon.
  3. After that enter the domain name in the search box and press the enter button on your keyboard.
  4. As soon as press the enter button, the information of the domain owner will appear in front of you.
  5. And you can also see all this information on the picture given below, which are displayed below.
DRD Home Page
DRD Who is INFO !

Note: The information of the domain owner who has taken WHOIS protection can’t be obtained the information of the domain owner should be completely confidential due to the protection.

How to Hide Your Information in the WHOIS Data

Whenever you buy a domain, you must always take the WHOIS protection so that your information kept confidential in this WHOIS data, no one will be able to search your public domain. If he also searches for the domain, then he will not give any information, he will be kept entirely confidential.