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Cheap Web Hosting In India

November 11, 2019 | DRD | No Comments

What is Web Hosting?

Best and Cheap Hosting Provider in India

Web hosting is the physical form of your website presence on the internet. Ironically, an online storage centre that permanent shelter the website information, videos, images and other data that comprise your website.

Web hosting referred to as “colocation” or “housing” in France and Latin American countries respectively. Web hosting provider is the service provider of hosting applications and websites on a server which is using an operating system. Server resembles your desktop or laptop but more powerful that uses the same things like CPU, memory and other components.

Cheap Web Hosting for beginners left with Shared hosting, which is the least expensive option for hosting their website. Cheap hosting went far and wide in India. Even though cheap web hosting may provide all inferior and competitive resources but still Indian mentality, people prefer for cheap hosting as their work is done in any way.

While choosing your for your website, you need to check certain parameter which directly impacts on your site performance. Parameters like uptime, (which every firm claims 99.99 per cent but not in actual) Customer support, bandwidth, cost comparison, SSL certificate, control panel, domain, email accounts, and the database has to meet your business need.

You might be thinking of how these cheap web hosting companies make a living in this expensive world? Yes, then let me tell you they merely sell hosting packages of top hosting firms at a low price, but they run other profitable side business through the traffic generating by cheap hosting service.

There are many types of Web hosting which can be selected based on business volume or visitors. Here we gathered eight popular types of web hosting:

Shared Web Hosting:

 Multiple sites hosted on the one server with allotted limited resource.

Reseller Hosting: Customers are allowed to be Web hosts themselves.

Dedicated Web Hosting:

The client/user gains full control of the server, but often does not own the hardware.

Managed WordPress Hosting: 

The user/client does not have full control, allowing the Web host to assure the quality of the service. The user may manage data using FTP or remote management tools.

Cloud-Based Web Hosting: Its a group of physical computers clubbed together to form a physical giant server with optimal resources.

Virtual Private Server (VPS): VPS is basically a shadow of Dedicated server from which a section is completely given to the user and appears as virtual dedicated server.

Colocation Web Hosting: Colocate server and runs hosting throughout own server and other necessary requirement paced by hosting provider.

Self Managed Web Hosting: This is basically self-service hosting in which everything is set up by you and owes a complete control over the hosting environment.

inmotion hosting india Let’s discuss each of them in detail, and you may figure out your affordable cheap web hosting.

Shared Web Hosting:

Shared hosting is the most popular kind of web hosting which hosts multiple websites under a single physical server. Tenants in shared hosting are equally responsible for resources, including server limitations. In shared hosting resources like bandwidth, space, email accounts, FTP accounts, and database is shared among a number of websites. Shared hosting is a large-scale sold hosting service worldwide and known to every new entrepreneur. Shared hosting is the cheapest among the list of types of web hosting. Shared hosting is the one which novice can comfortably afford and manage the new site with limited visitors hassle-free. In shared hosting, you will be offered with a cPanel or any other user-friendly website management application. You will be given multiple email accounts at your domain or subdomain.


Best for Beginners- As the name reads out ‘shared’ you need to share the cost and space of a single server with other people. So if you are starting with less number of visitors, then shared web hosting is best for you.

Hassle-free setup- Shared hosting account will be taken care of by hosting provider with most of the backend configuration. Very little remain to configure and manage your site so that most of the time, you can focus on web building and ranking your website on top.

No administration knowledge required- Shared hosting server administration is taken care of by the service provider, so you don’t need to possess server administration knowledge.

Cheapest hosting- Shared hosting plans are the cheapest compared to another web hosting. To give you a ballpark number shared hosting plans starts at $1.5 to $10 per month.

Support- Service provider will have round the clock supervision on all websites using the same server, which gives you full technical support and reliable uptime for your site.


Security- As shared hosting plans use the same resource, which gives the most significant disadvantages to the websites hosted on shared hosting plans are usually more prone to hacking and malicious activity. Shared hosting plans offer the least securities.

Limitations- Multiple websites are running on the same CPU, using the same network of memory, which lead you to experience resource limitations and sometimes downtime.

Additional features- Shared hosting plans have fewer features as compared to dedicated hosting servers.

Downtime- Server may get sluggish by consistent request or overloaded, which might cause it to stop working. This gives your website a bad impression on the visitors and affects your traffic.

Loading time- Often it may happen your site load slow and searcher lose the interest if it takes more than 5 seconds and they abandon your site and move on.

That’s the trivia of shared hosting which relatively scales better at its own hosting premises.

Reseller Web Hosting:

Reseller web hosting, also called “white label hosting” which refers to creating own hosting businesses by leasing the tools and services you get from original or large hosting companies. In a more straightforward way, reseller hosting provider rent the servers from VPS or dedicated hosting provider at a lower price and then resell their hosting packages to the public for making profits. Start a business from scratch seems off the target, but to resell someone’s else business is pretty easy. Reselling hosting differentiated from shared hosting on the basis of extra tools offered by reselling.

How Reselling web hosting works in the market?

Reselling the rented tools, spaces, and software to the end-users and making a profit out of it by sitting in confinement of their home. The reseller will contact with the end-user and taking up their problems relating to server and site management and approaching the main web host by himself and find the solution for the end-user. Reseller ideal role remains simple to interact and provide support to the end-users.


Easy to manage- Reselling web hosting provider responsible for understanding customers problems, but not responsible for handling hardware, software, and connectivity problems as these all taken care by primary web hosting provider.

Price- pricing is the most significant advantage in reseller web hosting, which is relatively cheaper than other hosting plans, perhaps a few dollars a month. Reselling hosting packages ranges from $10 to $50, depending on extra features and resource limitations.

Features- Reseller hosting gives little liberty in terms of variety of feature-packed hosting plans. Prorated reselling hosting plans involves much advanced featured tools and software to access premium level website management and hosting.

Tools- Reselling hosting is equipped with a variety of tools that make things simple and take less time which can be better utilized in website ranking.

Support- Reseller redirects end user’s tech issues to the hosting companies which handle wisely.

Entrepreneurship- Reselling web hosting is an excellent business to turn over a new leaf and go down the swinging with a relatively low investment risk involved and possibly high returns.


Technical support- Reseller hosting provider might not be flexible and thorough in providing reliable technical support. Reseller is not that much capable of troubleshooting your every problem or sometimes instant problem solving will not going to fly by a reseller.

Technical Glitches- In reseller hosting it may often be to get technical glitches and frequent downtime of your site if your parent hosting server goes down. So wisely choose your reselling hosting plans.

Dedicated Web Hosting:

Dedicated hosting or dedicated server is a more traditional method of hosting in which user buys or leases a complete physical server from hosting provider. In dedicated hosting, you get complete control right from server hardware to root access everything you control through hosting provider. In dedicated hosting resources not shared with other websites and your limit is that of the server. Uptime is the paramount for your business then dedicated server is the only choice left because shared hosting or other hosting providers may promise 99.9% uptime, but no web host allows to use unlimited resources. If you are planning to run an extensive website and earning colossal amount then dedicated hosting is no hurdle in your smooth sailing.

When overhauling for a dedicated server, you need good technical specification knowledge to select the right dedicated server. Also, your data volume matters while choosing the best servers; however, windows dedicated server gives the best security features and the cost-effective deal. 


Control- In dedicated hosting, the machine or server is exclusively dedicated for your web apps. You owe complete configuration and maintenance command over the server.

Security- Dedicated server is wholly and solely your property, and only you were managing the server so that you can ensure the airtight security. Dedicated server plans include active backups through redundancy by RAID (redundant array of independent disks) which are more reliable than any other drive. RAID ensures the safety of your data which is unaffected by HDD crashes.

Access- If your web application or site is way more complicated and running high traffic which needs root-level access to a server.

Bandwidth- In dedicated hosting, if you lease a 100Mbps connection, you will get the exact bandwidth at times unlike in a shared server environment where you may get short of bandwidth because of other tenants utilizing it too. A reliable bandwidth must be available all the time to make sure applications are always up and running. 

Speed- Dedicated server gives a choice to opt for SSD drives over HDD drives. With every aspect of the resource, you get the best speed and performance of the site.

Customization- Dedicated server hosting allows you to customize extensively. You can choose the Operating system, the amount of space and type of memory and other hardware elements with lots of flexibility.


Cost- Dedicated server hosting exclusive costing more as compared to any other server hosting plans. On a number scale, dedicated hosting plans cost up to 20 times more than basic shared hosting plans. Dedicated servers are ranged from $100 and up per month.

Assistance- To ensure the right selection of dedicated server as per your business requirement, you may need assistance from the dedicated server provider who is reputable and reliable.

Setup- If you are looking for a beginner-friendly solution and fast, easy setup then dedicated server is no piece of cake for you. It would be best if you had pro-level configurations and server administration knowledge to launch your web application or site on a dedicated server.

Managed WordPress Hosting:

Managed WordPress hosting is web hosting, where the host manages WordPress’s every technical aspect. Managed WordPress hosting provider typically deals with managing your WordPress site means they don’t mess with Drupal, Magento or any other site management platforms. Managed WordPress hosting differs from shared WordPress hosting in terms of resources and access. Heed natural organic traffic for a brand new WordPress site, it’s another nut to crack, but Managed WordPress get you covered with their advanced SEO plugins and software.

WordPress users are all around the globe and empower 30 per cent of the Web. WordPress site requires basic support from your hosting provider like MySQL 5.0.15 version or higher and PHP 5.2.4 version or higher, so you need to search such hosting package that meets the WordPress requirements. Henceforth, few hosting companies started fully optimized WordPress hosting service, which meets WordPress performance and security. Managed WordPress hosting package comes with extra plugins and software to improve your WordPress experience. Managed WordPress hosting price ranges from $25 to $150 per month.


Support- Managed WordPress hosting gives superior support from the well knowledgable and highly experienced team of service provider which know WordPress better by using it 24×7. 

Optimization- Service provider typically focuses on fine-tuned to work with WordPress. Server-level caching or full-page caching, which is preferable in WordPress hosting to improve page load time.

Scalability- With Managed WordPress hosting, you can scale your server resource as per your business need. Other hosting plans like self WordPress hosting, you require little more knowledge like to expand disks, and much more. However, in managed WordPress hosting provider usually, handle all this for you.

Security- Managed WordPress hosting includes automatic backups with no additional charge. There is an edge with WordPress hosting by providing the backup of your file at anytime even it will be prepared for natural and artificial disaster without losing your data.

Automation- Standard Managed WordPress hosting provider always includes automation to update setup, plugins and theme on time, which interlinked with the smooth performance of your WordPress site.

Saves time- In other hosting plans, it costs hours to update, and configuration each plugin every month but in Managed WordPress hosting provider takes away these chores, and one can save time. 

Data Centers- Managed WordPress hosting performs globally well due to data centres are spread worldwide, which decrease network latency, time-to-first-byte (TTFB) and gives faster page load time.


Cost- More expensive than other WordPress hosting like shared WordPress hosting or DIY VPS WordPress hosting. However, this extra money ensures your precious time saved from managing most of your work.

Suitability- As the name depicts Managed WordPress hosting, which more suits for WordPress sites only.

Knowledge- You need to require little expertise to manage your WordPress and customize it as per your needs.

Cloud-Based Web Hosting

This hosting technology is relatively new in the market, which lets hundreds of solo servers work collaboratively, and it looks like one giant server. Cloud hosting idea evolved from VPS hosting, and it symbolizes same. Cloud hosting taken place over VPS as needs grow hosting company can add more hosting hardware asset to make larger grid or cloud server. A surge in your business and traffic makes Cloud hosting the best choice for growing business. 

There is no need to lose hope even though you cannot afford dedicated server for your business and cannot meet the growing business requirement then cloud hosting will help you to get the job done in less costing of VPS. In cloud hosting, despite only one server your site stands on the whole network of computers and CPU’s and pulls the power as needed dynamically. Here, you will pay for what you used.


Pay as you go- Cost flexibility is totally on your usability. Most Cloud hosting computing packages use to pay for what you end up using resources for pricing structure. Suppose you get traffic surge and that time utilization spike and price considerably increased.

Scalability- Scalability is the most significant advantage of Cloud Web hosting. It’s prevalent in traditional VPS for flexible scaling but only up to a certain point. However, with Cloud Web hosting multiple computers combined to a giant virtual server which deliver its resources as-needed basis.

Security- Cloud hosting provides tight security in terms of DDoS attacks by cascading those bulk request among different computers and mitigate their threat.


Cost- Fluctuating cost is the main downside of cloud web hosting. Henceforth, many hosting providers brought pay-as-you-go for cloud hosting plans which is beneficial for customers and they are more prone to take up cloud hosting.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) hosting:

VPS hosting is Web hosting on a virtual server which appears to the user as a dedicated server but act like multiple, individual server. Each VPS server shares hardware resource; however, they will be allocated a dedicated slice of computing resources. VPS hosting is virtually private but still have some limitations placed by your Web hosting provider. You can resemble VPS as a light version of dedicated server hosting.

Quality VPS hosting provider implies pure SSD storage and Gbps network, which provides excellent speed. You get the private IP address for your VPS account and customize your DNS record and liberal you to have private mail server IP for raised mail reputation. Price of VPS vary based on allotted CPU and memory(RAM) you get, but still, it’s in the range of $50 to $200. In this price, you take full control over your virtual machine.


Pay what you use- Most of VPS hosting plans are easily customizable with your service provider, so you pay for what you want as per your need.

Scalability- VPS and Dedicated server stand firm for its scalability advantage, which is impossible to defeat by any shared hosting.

Increased control- VPS offers the same control as of dedicated server but to some extent. VPS offer increased control over hosting environment example software installation and configuration. 

Cost- VPS hosting plans are cheaper as compared to a dedicated server. A realistic price for quality offering in VPS package is around $100 per month.

Setup- VPS hosting provider takes server set up care, but rest configuration and management need to be dealt with by you.


Cost- From a financial standpoint VPS hosting is more expansive than shared hosting if you own a brand new site or business VPS may hamper your business budget.

Resource- Web host offers VPS, but due to lack of experience they fail to distribute resource appropriately to the users, and this may create problems down the line if some other websites use the same resources at peak level.

Access- VPS hosting provide access to the virtual machine’s operating system but not to the physical server.

Lack of Performance- VPS hosting provider hustle to maximize the number of VPS (for their profit) which throttle the server’s performance.

Fraud- In this fishy world, everyone tries to earn easy way which may happen when hosting provider fools you by charging full VPS hosting fee but providing you reseller service of shared hosting. Make a wise decision when choosing VPS hosting.

Colocation Web Hosting:

Colocation hosting is like renting a house for server and utilizing all amenities and facilities of the house owner. Colocating service provider avails all the necessary equipment and facilities for your server. Basically, Colocating hosting provider provides you with all technical aspect like storage space, electricity, internet connection, security, and cooling for your server. If you go to plant a server for your own, these setups will cost you thousands of dollars and time and human resources too, but if you choose a colocation hosting provider, they make very easy and convenient for you in less price range. Albeit, colocation hosting seems expensive, but it will be cost-effective for your business overall.

Colocation hosting is a way to go for those who run a prominent and successful business online. Level of service provided by colocation are far better off the regular web hosting and still costs you low with starting $100 per month.


Money Saver- Colocation web hosting actually helps businesses to save money. If you own a server for your business, but there are some costs to make server productive which you won’t be able to afford.

Faster- Colocation hosting service provider provides a much faster internet connection than any other business internet plan. Faster the internet connection better the website loading time and performance.

Bandwidth- Hosting plans with limited bandwidth costs around $150, but for the same price, you can place your own server in colocation facility which provides you with higher bandwidth speeds and lesser network latency.

Backup- Colocation hosting also maintains a power generator, which is enough to keep the server running in the hardest situation and disasters. This protects your data and files against these situations.

Software- If you own server software and you can install at any time without anyone’s server administrator permission. 


Maintenance- Colocation hosting comparatively requires more maintenance than any other hosting types. Your server requires additional security and maintenance in a secure environment.

Cost- Colocation hosting may sound more expensive than other hosting plans; however, if you own a significant business, then its profitable for your business.

Difficult to locate- Colocation hosting provider is hard to find, especially near to your home or office, which would be convenient for you to upgrade and maintain as you need.

Self Managed Web Hosting

Self Managed hosting is the ultimate hosting you can get ever, but everything here needs to be done yourself alone. Self-service hosting comprised of buying the server, installing, configuring every software, and maintenance by yourself. Make sure you get enough space, sufficient cooling, significant electricity supply with power backup in your machine room and this will double up everything for redundancy. Adding control panel for administrator allows adding websites on the server, creating FTP user and other administrative tasks. If you did not create a control panel, then the only way you can manage your server by command line which may difficult at times.

Before starting out you need to take care a few things as mentioned below-

Data centre installation space

System administrator

Electricity supply

Power backup


Server hardware

Data integrity and backup

Cooling system

Above all you got with sufficient knowledge about complete hosting and configuration then you are good to go for self-managed web hosting.


Independency- You don’t have to rely on any hosting provider to install any software. If you decide to use ASP or ColdFusion or ASP, then you can purchase and install the software whenever you wish to.

Skillset- Self-managed web hosting build a skill set to develop a business and gaining experience.


Physical access- You need to travel every time to the server location, which can be onerous and check everything goes ok.

Migration- If you decide to move out of the location where you installed your hosting server, then its a significant challenge to move your server to a new location and set up everything from scratch.

Time- Self-service web hosting is very time consuming, and it may happen you may not be able to focus on your website development.

Experience and Knowledge- Self-managed web hosting is not less than an uphill battle, which is necessary to owe a good experience in handling a hosting business.

Cost- Self Service hosting seems to cost more money down the road initially, but it really cut corners for your overall business.

Suitability- Self-managed hosting is for pro-level who wants to control and manage as much possible. Taken any system administrator work previously, then this comes with ease.

Domain Registration Database

What Is The Whois Database

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what is the whois data

Whois Database is Domain Own Properly Details Like Domain Name, Email ID, Phone Number

The Whois database is the publically accessible internet record listings contains the owner’s details and contact person details of every domain along with name server data. Anyone can use the Whois database to find the owner details of the particular domain name.

While registering a domain name a company or group or particular person have to submit his or their contact information like contact number, name, the purpose of the domain, domain name, and so on to domain registry through your service provider. Website ownership and domain name registration have been regulated by an authority called ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

The website registry is also responsible for keeping the database through websites of the registry. The website registry is the official organization supervisory of top-level-domain (TLD) such as; (Belgium), PIR (Org domains), SIDN (The Netherlands).

Registrant (who owns the domain) information is stored under Whois record. WHOIS record stores information two characterized forms as information resource model- Thin Model and Thick Model. These two classification has been made due to different delivery services based on registries contract terms.

Thin Model- Thin Whois record will store information like registrar name, name servers, and registration dates and expiration dates. Examples of thin registries are.COM and .NET.

Thick Model- Thick Model maintains a thin model beyond the information of the Thin model. Thick includes complete registrant contact information, designed administrative and technical information. Examples of Thick registries are.INFO and BIZ.

Whois can be useful for hundreds of reason which includes few of them as below:

Reinforcement of security of the internet against abusive issues by providing information to the right authority like ISPs, network operator teams, and other such authorities.

Providing assistance to law enforcement officials for a national and international investigation.

Supporting the battle against illegal acts like racial discrimination, hatred, violence, pedophilia, child pornography, any child abuse, exploitation, xenophobia, and other unlawful acts.

Solving issues with a Domain, Especially legal ones that are assisted by whois by providing accurate contact information.

Beholding the identity for domains that will be insightful for entities or persons responsible for remarkable services and content online.

Keep tabs on for spams and malicious behaviorists.

Ascertain to expose intellectual property infringement, fraudulence, misuse, theft and such inquest regarding trademark clearance or any brand involvement.

There is no way to hide the Identity behind the domain since everyone can access the WHOIS record and get to know who owns the particular domain.

Transferring the Domain can be full of a hassle but at any point in time, you can change the owner of the domain for which trade is required. A seller needs to send an email to WHOIS and after getting varified by WHOIS the Domain will be transferred.

If any changes take place in your contact information and if you do not up-to-date with registry your domain may get suspended and neither your email ID website will work as everything is interlinked with the domain name server.

Sort email by domain in excel

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Email id how to filter in Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Rediffmail,

Email id how to filter in Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Rediffmail, Zoho, Hotmail, and Other
Open this link >>
after that the website opened

  1. Once the website is open, you will see the upload button Where to upload the excel file.
  2. You have to be careful about this thing, whatever your email id should be in a column in that excel file after placing the email id in the A column in excel, you save file and upload it.
  3. Clicking on the upload button will take some time, will take some time after upload after that you will find the button to download, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, Rediffmail, Other
  4. you can download the filter email id excel file by clicking.
    If you ever have any problems then you can learn to through the video given below

How do I find my domain registrar

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Domain registrar means form where we buy our domain it means where did we buy domain form it’s been a lot of times that we domain buy and forget that we domain buy. How do you know where to buy a domain for where you bought a domain? first of all, you need to know the name of your domain after that, open a website form the website and go to it. you can search your domain name by going to any website

Domain Registration Database
Domain Tools

This is a four such website where you can go and check where you buy domain

Check out where the domain is booked
I will go to the second number of website to check to see where bought your domain form as you go first to find your domains in the search bar when you visit the website. search will come to you only after the search result will come from a search result, you will see that on the fourth and fifth numbers you will get the name of the domain registrar where you have to buy a domain. along with this, you can also know that when you have bought and it is going to expire for domain this information will also be given in this search. you can also find the owner of the domain by visiting the website at the same time, you can also find out which domain is being hosted on the server. this condition applies to the condition the owner of the domain owner will have taken this whois protection, then the information of the domain owner will be hidden.

find my domain registrar
Find my domain registrar

Get Whois Domain Database

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You just want to buy a Domain Registration Database Which we call this WHOIS database. One can buy this data in 2 ways, one is by removing the WHOIS database by software and the other way is that the database at a very cheap price. By click on the given link, you can buy the database very cheap and can be purchased in a very cheap database by visiting here, it is a provider dollar-rupee and can afford to buy their data.

Click Here >> Get Domain Database Daily Update

Get Historical Database

Old Historical Database to get a download if you want to purchase and get free. I will tell you a cheap price where you can buy the old historical database.
This is the only website that provides you with Old historical database, too cheap in all over the world.

You can download the WHOIS historical database by clicking on the link given below

Click >> Get Historical Database

Use of Whois Database

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Before using the WHOIS database, we have to know that what is WHOIS database and where it is from. The Domain Registration Database is an internet platform where domain registration companies share information about the domain owner. Whenever person bought a new domain, his information is displayed on the WHOIS database. Information about the domain owner is stored in the WHOIS database. This database is published through a website to the public. This data come from all world’s domain buyers, and share their information in public. We can identify who is owner domain and domain owner can be traced through this sample data search.

WHOIS database is used by IT companies such as web developers, android apps developers, hosting provider, etc. These marketing companies buy a Domain Database form the other website and through the database, the owner of the domain is tracked to contact the owner using the bulk SMS, bulk email, and the bulk call to the owner through the database and sell his product. Due to the rectitude of the head, marketing companies earn maximum profit through this data, and through DRD, their product is delivered to the right person. with the help of the WHOIS database, we can sell products to the domain owners through bulk SMS, email to them. WHOIS database is used by marketing company’s required data can be obtained using this data.

Where to buy a WHOIS database?
There is a lot of websites for buying a WHOIS database but you can buy the Domain Registration Database which I go to the website of the WHOIS database because of the around Rs. 399/- And the Dollar 8$ per month. The database is updated in 24hourd and by paying them of Rs. 399/- or 8$ you can get this database for 30 days of data and you get IYT product through thus database through sell.

Where to buy a WHOIS database?
There is a lot of websites to buying a WHOIS database but you can buy through Domain Registration Database. Where you can buy worlds cheapest DRD @only 99/- Per Month Database !

What is Whois Database

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WHOIS is an internet website it’s used to get information about domain name it is to register the information and data of owners of the new domain registered through a company called registration called in a different domain. WHOIS data is a public platform where personal information of the owner of the domain is kept. This is one-way public data; any person can get information about the domain owner.

WHOIS data is shared by the general public information about the owner of the domain can be obtained such as Domain Owner Name, Mobile Number, Email id, City, State, Country, Domain Registration Data, Domain Expiry Date. WHOIS data is also known as WHOIS lookup.WHOIS is a lookup service published by the domain name registry that provides access to information for free viewing by the domain name.

What is whois database

How to Get Domain Owners Information

To know the information about the domain owner first, follow this step.

  1. First, you go to the Domain Registration Database Website.
  2. First, you click on the menu’s last icon search icon.
  3. After that enter the domain name in the search box and press the enter button on your keyboard.
  4. As soon as press the enter button, the information of the domain owner will appear in front of you.
  5. And you can also see all this information on the picture given below, which are displayed below.
DRD Home Page
DRD Who is INFO !

Note: The information of the domain owner who has taken WHOIS protection can’t be obtained the information of the domain owner should be completely confidential due to the protection.

How to Hide Your Information in the WHOIS Data

Whenever you buy a domain, you must always take the WHOIS protection so that your information kept confidential in this WHOIS data, no one will be able to search your public domain. If he also searches for the domain, then he will not give any information, he will be kept entirely confidential.