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April 19, 2019 | Email Marketing | No Comments

World’s most used email marketing tools sendy it’s very easy to use. the best part is that should be configured with Amazon SES. Amazon SES is the cheapest email provider, through which promoting your product form an email marketing tools and the best part is that it’s configured with Amazon SES. it’s price $59 the good thing is that it has only one time after that you can use it for a lifetime. Amazon SES price of 10,000 emails os approximately $1 which is the world’s cheapest price Amazon SES is the cheapest and best provider of the email you can send unlimited emails through this

Benefits of sendy

  1. With this, you can track every email which email has been opened and which country is opened.
  2. Easy to configured Amazon SES.
  3. This software can be run on any hosting and it can be run, configure any domain, installing it very easy.
  4. One time payment.
  5. The easy email template can be made emails can also be easily sent
  6. its send to multiplied email use excel sheet.
  7. This tool is working in your Linux shared hosting in your server.

Sendy is used to send email to email marketing tools as well as your subscriber sendy can also use form the newsletter there is a very good email software in itself, through which you can send an email marketing campaign to send the special thing that gets configured with the Amazon SES through which its cost is reduced to send email applicable emails can be sent through the sendy the most special thing is that almost inbox has the guarantee that email will be inbox almost the email that receives emails in his inbox. most of the use sendy is used for newsletters because in the marketing email, sometimes the fear of spamming.

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