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How do I find my domain registrar

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Domain registrar means form where we buy our domain it means where did we buy domain form it’s been a lot of times that we domain buy and forget that we domain buy. How do you know where to buy a domain for where you bought a domain? first of all, you need to know the name of your domain after that, open a website form the website and go to it. you can search your domain name by going to any website

Domain Registration Database
Domain Tools

This is a four such website where you can go and check where you buy domain

Check out where the domain is booked
I will go to the second number of website to check to see where bought your domain form as you go first to find your domains in the search bar when you visit the website. search will come to you only after the search result will come from a search result, you will see that on the fourth and fifth numbers you will get the name of the domain registrar where you have to buy a domain. along with this, you can also know that when you have bought and it is going to expire for domain this information will also be given in this search. you can also find the owner of the domain by visiting the website at the same time, you can also find out which domain is being hosted on the server. this condition applies to the condition the owner of the domain owner will have taken this whois protection, then the information of the domain owner will be hidden.

find my domain registrar
Find my domain registrar

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