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How to Remove Duplicate Number in Excel

April 11, 2019 | Excel | No Comments

It is a very good tool through which we can remove to duplicate numbers too easy way is the only that will tool will remove duplicate numbers very easily and very easily remove let’s know how to remove all duplicates number.
Firstly open excel sheet of your duplicate number select the cells on which the duplicate number is in after selecting it, click on the Data menu, after clicking on the Data menu, click on remove duplicate

A pop-up will as you click on the remove duplicated That pop-up name will be remove duplicated. Pop-up open once you have to press the OK button.

Menu >> Data >> Remove Duplicated >> Select Coums >> Ok Button

In just a few seconds, you can remove the duplicated numbers. excel is a very good tool in which a number can be handled very easily

How to Remove Duplicated Number in Excel

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