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What Is The Whois Database

September 28, 2019 | DRD | No Comments

what is the whois data

Whois Database is Domain Own Properly Details Like Domain Name, Email ID, Phone Number

The Whois database is the publically accessible internet record listings contains the owner’s details and contact person details of every domain along with name server data. Anyone can use the Whois database to find the owner details of the particular domain name.

While registering a domain name a company or group or particular person have to submit his or their contact information like contact number, name, the purpose of the domain, domain name, and so on to domain registry through your service provider. Website ownership and domain name registration have been regulated by an authority called ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

The website registry is also responsible for keeping the database through websites of the registry. The website registry is the official organization supervisory of top-level-domain (TLD) such as; DNS.be (Belgium), PIR (Org domains), SIDN (The Netherlands).

Registrant (who owns the domain) information is stored under Whois record. WHOIS record stores information two characterized forms as information resource model- Thin Model and Thick Model. These two classification has been made due to different delivery services based on registries contract terms.

Thin Model- Thin Whois record will store information like registrar name, name servers, and registration dates and expiration dates. Examples of thin registries are.COM and .NET.

Thick Model- Thick Model maintains a thin model beyond the information of the Thin model. Thick includes complete registrant contact information, designed administrative and technical information. Examples of Thick registries are.INFO and BIZ.

Whois can be useful for hundreds of reason which includes few of them as below:

Reinforcement of security of the internet against abusive issues by providing information to the right authority like ISPs, network operator teams, and other such authorities.

Providing assistance to law enforcement officials for a national and international investigation.

Supporting the battle against illegal acts like racial discrimination, hatred, violence, pedophilia, child pornography, any child abuse, exploitation, xenophobia, and other unlawful acts.

Solving issues with a Domain, Especially legal ones that are assisted by whois by providing accurate contact information.

Beholding the identity for domains that will be insightful for entities or persons responsible for remarkable services and content online.

Keep tabs on for spams and malicious behaviorists.

Ascertain to expose intellectual property infringement, fraudulence, misuse, theft and such inquest regarding trademark clearance or any brand involvement.

There is no way to hide the Identity behind the domain since everyone can access the WHOIS record and get to know who owns the particular domain.

Transferring the Domain can be full of a hassle but at any point in time, you can change the owner of the domain for which trade is required. A seller needs to send an email to WHOIS and after getting varified by WHOIS the Domain will be transferred.

If any changes take place in your contact information and if you do not up-to-date with registry your domain may get suspended and neither your email ID website will work as everything is interlinked with the domain name server.