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What is Whois Database

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WHOIS is an internet website it’s used to get information about domain name it is to register the information and data of owners of the new domain registered through a company called registration called in a different domain. WHOIS data is a public platform where personal information of the owner of the domain is kept. This is one-way public data; any person can get information about the domain owner.

WHOIS data is shared by the general public information about the owner of the domain can be obtained such as Domain Owner Name, Mobile Number, Email id, City, State, Country, Domain Registration Data, Domain Expiry Date. WHOIS data is also known as WHOIS lookup.WHOIS is a lookup service published by the domain name registry that provides access to information for free viewing by the domain name.

What is whois database

How to Get Domain Owners Information

To know the information about the domain owner first, follow this step.

  1. First, you go to the Domain Registration Database Website.
  2. First, you click on the menu’s last icon search icon.
  3. After that enter the domain name in the search box and press the enter button on your keyboard.
  4. As soon as press the enter button, the information of the domain owner will appear in front of you.
  5. And you can also see all this information on the picture given below, which are displayed below.
DRD Home Page
DRD Who is INFO !

Note: The information of the domain owner who has taken WHOIS protection can’t be obtained the information of the domain owner should be completely confidential due to the protection.

How to Hide Your Information in the WHOIS Data

Whenever you buy a domain, you must always take the WHOIS protection so that your information kept confidential in this WHOIS data, no one will be able to search your public domain. If he also searches for the domain, then he will not give any information, he will be kept entirely confidential.

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